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Learn Spanish in Granada, Spain

Learn Spanish in a Spanish school in Granada, Spain, where the mountains and the three rivers meet.

Spanish Schools

The Delengua Spanish language school is set in an old renovated house with courtyard, terrace and all modern facilities. Read more

Escuela Motalbán

The Escuela Motalbán has been teaching Spanish as a foreign language for more than twenty years in Granada. Read more


The Castila Spanish School was founded in 1988 by a group of Spanish teachers who felt a true passion for their language and culture. Read more

Welcome to Granada, Spain
Granada Spain

Learning Spanish in Granada, Spain is easy. There are a wide variety of Spanish schools in our town and you will definately find one that has a program exactly like what you are looking for.

The city of Granada spain is located where the Andes meet the rivers in Southern Spain. It offers a safe and historic environment for all of your friends and family to come and learn Spanish from some of the oldest Spanish schools in the world. Granada Spanish Programs is a free site that allows people from all over the world find information on the Spanish school in Granada, Spain.

Why Learn Spanish?

Spanish is the 3rd most commonly spoken language in the world. If you learn Spanish you can:

  • Speak with people in over 22 countries in their native language.
  • Travel from Mexico to Chile and speak with everybody
  • Invaluable in international business
  • Make friends from all over the world
Featured School
Granada Spanish Schools

Hispano Mundial has modern facilities in the centre of the magical city of Granada, Spain